Tag Day
The Biggest Fundraiser of the Year

Tag Day 2018 - Saturday, August 25, 2018:
8 AM - 2 PM

Committee Chair - Alison Leaman (alisonmleaman@gmail.com)

We are in need of an army of volunteers to accommodate the number of students we have this year. Parents and students will meet 8 AM [location TBA] to hear directions and get their student-chaperone matches and territory assignments. We will aim to hit the road by 9 AM. Everyone returns to the church to eat packed lunches at 1:00 PM - students are not permitted to leave the church grounds during lunch.

Please call or text Alison Leaman ASAP to sign up
(717)464-2258 Cell

THANK YOU to our many donors and volunteers who helped to make this year's Tag Day a great success!